Case Studies

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Gearbox during mounting of gears with new bearings
Overhaul of main engine shaft generator gearbox
TK Pitsirikos. machining-and-modification-of-main-hydraulic-press-body
Machining and modification of main hydraulic press body
Repair and machining of CPP system components Yoke shaft after Laser Cladding
Repair and machining of CPP system components
main engine camshaft sections repairs. Camshafts after assembly of the new and repaired cams
MSC KATYA main engine camshaft sections repairs
Repair of ACCIONA AW82 main shaft assembly - Rear bearing cover severely damaged -
Repair of ACCIONA AW82 main shaft assembly
CPP Hub repair- Machining of propeller hub
CPP Hub repair
Controlled preheating of casting assembly
Remetalling of bearing
Bearing housing during Laser Cladding build up
Repair of aluminum mill roll chuck – bearing housing by Laser Cladding
Removal of broken bolts from diaphragms on our CNC milling machine
Major overhaul and repairs of steam turbine Combined Cycle Unit5, Intermediate pressure casing and stationary diaphragms
Condensate pump shaft during CNC grinding
Major overhaul and repairs of Combined Cycle Unit5, pumping units, for PPC Lavrion Station
Laser Cladding buildup of tail shaft flange and shaft section
Repair of propeller tail shaft
Press table during final assembly of repaired cylinder modules
Repair hydraulic press table
Chain wheel was also manufactured by turning and milling with one set-up on our 5-axis milling and turning machine
Manufacture of gearwheel and chainwheel by Reverse Engineering
Drilling of box-type heat exchanger
Machining of heat exchangers
Prior repairs, a 38t FLENDER gearbox type KMPS 476 went through rigorous inspection and measurements
Repair of FLENDER gearbox type KMPS 476
Machining of rotor journals and both side rotor ends after buildup with Laser Cladding
Repair of crasher rotor
Repair of M/E RTA 96C camshaft sections
AE Crankshaft repair
Gear Wheel and Output Shaft Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing
Main Engine PC2.5 V16, block and crankshaft machining
Machining of rudder blade
Power Station Steam Turbine Casing Machining & Modification
Aluminum coil winding shaft – HASPEL Shaft