Marine Diesel
Engine Services

Having extensive experience and deep know-how in marine diesel engine services, we repair spare parts and overhaul equipment of high importance for all types of auxiliary and propulsion 4stroke diesel engines.

During overhauling we rigorously follow the procedures imposed by makers. All components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected and worn out parts are replaced with new ones where applicable or restored by machining (connecting rod ovality restoration, cylinder head mating surfaces skimming, liner honing, etc).

Too often, customers come across situations where standard maker’s procedures are simply not enough due to severe damage and core components need to be replaced. This is where we stand and offer alternative solutions that reduce overhauling costs drastically.

Speaking about crankshafts in marine diesel engine services, we have developed a process of main and connecting rod journals regeneration, approved by BV. With Laser Cladding, we have the ability to rebuilt main and crankpin journals to original dimensions fast and safely, whereas with our CNC Grinding Machine which incorporates the Pin Chasing Technology, we are grinding your crankshaft in one setup and with extremely high accuracy, achieving maximum ovality of 3μm to 5μm maximum.

The result is a restored and rebirth crankshaft with all journals to original standard dimensions that operates smoothly like brand new as delivered by the maker. Same technique is applied to camshafts and camshaft sections, with additional option of manufacturing new sections by Reverse Engineering, when necessary.

Marine diesel engine services. Auxiliary engine head machining after cl

Cylinder heads are made of cast iron which makes it very difficult to repair by conventional welding techniques. This obstacle is overcome using Laser Cladding, as it is the only process through which the high carbon content surface of cast iron can be built up safely.

Critical cylinder head areas such as exhaust and inlet valve seat pockets can be now built up to original dimensions safely. There is no need for oversized seats, with whatever that means in costs and delivery time.

The existing seats can also be restored with Laser Cladding, which leads to further maintenance cost reductions.

Cast iron and steel made pistons is another application where Laser Cladding proves its value. Piston grooves, do not just simply repaired to original dimensions, but they further improved as the application of special and high resistance to wear alloys, prolong their service life, which in turn means less maintenance costs.

Tk Pitsirikos marine diesel engine services. Auxiliary engine piston crown grooves cl

Turbochargers that suffer from worn shaft journals, damaged compressor or turbine wheels are now being restored by Laser Cladding. Their high rotational speeds, impose high dynamic loads which leaves no room for ineffective or poor repair processes.

The advantage of laser cladding on such vital parts is the fact that laser creates metallurgical bond between the substrate and the filler material without distorting the component.

That makes the repair 100% safe and reliable!