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Turbomachinery & Rotating Equipment

Turbomachinery and Rotating equipment hold a critical role in Refineries, Power plants, the Marine industry and Renewables Industry.

Such equipment includes but is not limited to, turbines, compressors, pumps, generators, blowers, and gearboxes. Leveraging on our technical expertise and machinery capabilities we are in position to provide high quality repair and overhaul works.

In overhauling, equipment is fully dismantled and all components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Our engineers carry out all necessary dimensional measurements and non-destructive testing in order to assess all parts condition and a technical report is submitted to the customer showing all findings.

Overhauling carried on with the replacement of worn parts such as gaskets, bearings, o-rings etc by new ones, followed by the assembly of all components and testing of the equipment.

If core-vital components are found damaged or excessively worn, a repair remedy is also suggested within the report. Very often parts like, main drive shafts, compressor wheels, gears, impellers, crankshafts, turbine rotors and blades and many more, are found damaged and/or beyond makers tolerances thus forbidding their further use.

On top of that, the OEM delivery time for such spares may be too long or the component has been withdrawn from the standard production due to equipment age. Our in-house repair and manufacturing capabilities help customers to overcome such situations, reduce down time and save money.

TK pitsirikos Turbomachinery & Rotating Equipment

Our customers are benefited from our long experience in restoration of critical parts utilizing innovative techniques. Components of any size and surface complexity that suffer damage and need to be put back in operation, can successfully and safely restored using Laser Cladding, thus saving time and costs.

Additionally we have a twofold manufacturing option for critical components. We can either use customer’s drawings or we can apply Reverse Engineering, an in house operation, which produces component to OEM quality and standards, matching exact specifications.