Marine Crankshaft

Marine crankshaft repairs is a key service for TKPitsirikos S.A. Having great experience and know-how in the repair of critical components, in 2013 and after extensive research and cooperation with European specialized laser cladding institutes and testing series, our company certified the process of repairing 4stroke marine diesel crankshaft repairs with the method of Laser Cladding in cooperation with classification society Bureau Veritas for thickness up to 10 mm radially. Since then we have repaired many crankshafts for shipping companies and shore based engines all over the world with absolute success.

Through continued research and investment in both mechanical equipment and technology, we have become specialized in Marine crankshaft repairs and can safely and reliably restore any four-stroke crankshaft to its original condition.

In addition to the capability that we have to restore the journals with Laser Cladding, our state-of-the-art CNC Crankshaft grinding machine with Pin Chasing Technology allow us to grind crankshafts repairs to extreme accuracies and surface quality, resulting in absolute smooth operation. Our CNC Crankshaft grinding machine can process crankshafts of up to 7.5 meters long, 1.3m turning diameter and 15tonnes of weight.

All crankshaft journals and fillets are CNC grinded with one and only setup, resulting in 0 deviation in parallelism between main journal axis and crankpin journal axes, faster processing times, pin circularity within 3-5μm and nearly mirror finish surface roughness.

Marine crankshaft repairs by TK Pitsirikos.

The ability to grind with one setup using as reference the main journal axes, allow us also to use steadies-simulating the engine bed plate-and thus the crankshaft is being grinded without deflection (due to its own weight), which in turns results in an absolute straight crankshaft.

A detail inspection-measuring report is submitted to the customer along with the proposed repair remedy. The report includes visual inspection, NDT testing of all journals, hardness and roughness measurements of all journals, Run-out measurement, and journal (main and crankpin) diameter measurements.