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Machining - Manufacturing

The variety of our equipment, which in its majority consists of state-of-the-art CNC machines, gives us the possibility to process components of various sizes and complex geometries fast and accurately.

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Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering is a highly tuned and streamlined process which takes place, in an exclusive department , within the company designed to adjust the very needs of each case with utmost attention to detail.

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Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding is here to completely rebirth critical value components and give you the competitive advantage that you were searching for.

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Quality Control & Material Analysis Laboratory

Qualified engineers in non-destructive and destructive tests are inspecting all incoming equipment and components for defects prior, during processing and right before dispatching to the customer.

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Marine Diesel Engine Services

Having extensive experience and deep know-how in marine diesel engines, we repair spare parts and overhaul equipment of high importance for all types of auxiliary and propulsion 4stroke diesel engines.

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Turbomachinery & Rotating Equipment

Turbomachinery and Rotating equipment hold a critical role in Refineries, Power plants, the Marine industry and Renewables Industry.

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