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Laser Cladding

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Since 2011, when we first installed and started utilizing our sophisticated laser cladding cell, we have gone through remarkable breakthroughs and innovations, which have helped our customers to reduce tremendously maintenance costs.

Unlike the existing surface build-up methods, most of which starting to become obsolete in time, laser cladding with its extreme preciseness is here to completely rebirth critical value components and offer the competitive advantage that companies are searching for.

Our robotic system can restore worn and corded surfaces of components up to 2.5m in diameter and 10m long.

Up to date thousands of critical equipment have been restored successfully among them:

  • Many turbomachinery and rotating equipment for refineries, power stations and the marine industry

  • Various gears

  • Marine engine crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, cylinder heads and auxiliary equipment components

  • Wind turbine and hydroelectric power plants components

  • Steel and aluminum industries components

TK has the only accredited, by Bureau Veritas, laser cladding method for the restoration of crankshafts.

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