Quality Control
& Material Analysis Laboratory

We are committed in short deliveries and competitive prices but never at the expense of quality.

Every operation taking place during the process of overhauling, repairing, and manufacturing is being strictly monitored from our Quality department which is consisted of accredited metallurgists.

Qualified inspectors in non-destructive and destructive tests are inspecting all incoming equipment and components for defects prior, during processing and right before dispatching to the customer.

Detailed report containing the findings, of first hand inspections, is being compiled upon receipt of a component, in order to keep aware the customer regarding the condition of the project.

In case of detection of malfunctions our technical department informs the client about viable and cost effective repair or manufacturing options.

All these years of doing businesses, we keep unchanged the principle of maintaining long-lasting business relationships with our suppliers.

We buy top quality raw materials and consumables, accompanied each time by the appropriate certificates, but we also perform our own tests to verify their properness.

During processing, our engineers intervene at critical stages, with appropriate controls to ensure that the quality is maintained throughout all stages. Prior to delivery, the same engineers carry out the final quality control.

Quality tests mainly include:

  • High accuracy dimensional measurements by CMM
  • Optical 3D scanning
  • Non-destructive tests with penetrating liquids or magnetic particles
  • Ultrasonic tests
  • Hardness and roughness measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Crack depth measurements
  • Endoscopic inspections
  • Metallographic inspections

Our Quality Control and Metallurgical Laboratory is accredited by ISO 17025.