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Aluminum coil winding shaft  - HASPEL Shaft

Aluminum coil winding shaft  - HASPEL Shaft



CLIENT:ELVAL (Aluminum Industry)


30 Days

During routine maintenance, an aluminum coil winding shaft was found   with cracks. Customer’s technical department developed a repair procedure and after close cooperation with our engineering department the repair was carried out. The works carried were the following:

  1. Removal of shaft damaged section by machining on our CNC Heavy Duty Turning Lathe SK61168

  2. Manufacturing of new hollow section on our 5axis Turning-Milling machine CTX3000 gamma TC, according to customers’ drawings and specifications

  3. Joining by TIG welding of the two sections on our FANUC Robotic TIG welding cell

  4. Final machining of the assembled and joined shaft on our CNC turning lathe SK61168

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